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Cozy in Cashmere

With the exception of the amazing 60-degree Saturday we were blessed with this weekend, I've been living in cardigans and cozy sweaters as my daily uniform lately. My favorite Christmas gift by far was this ultra-soft cardigan from Banana Republic - I can't stop wearing it! 

Sweater (sold out) similar here and here and here // Jeans // Booties // Necklace // Watch //            Scarf // Sunglasses // Earrings

The days I've worn it to work have felt like having a blanket wrapped around me, and it's definitely a bit of a mood brightener! I've been trying to mix things up with my cardigans to spice up the outfits and make them stand out a little more, but honestly these days my number one goal is: warmth. 

Pairing them with a cozy scarf like my favorite one from Madewell has been a great go-to during my commute to work. For my softer scarves, I usually end up keeping them on all day!

I've been pairing it with my new favorite Sam Edelman booties pretty much any chance that I get, and they go perfectly with just about everything. Layered necklaces have proven to be another great way to mix things up with my cardigan-constant wardrobe lately, too.

Unfortunately, this exact sweater just sold out (but I'm hopeful they'll bring it back to the site soon!) I managed to find a few of my other new favorites that are super similar though! You can shop them and the entire look below:

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Essentials of the Week!

Thank goodness this was a short week. I don't think having an extra day to get myself together has ever been more needed than it was on Monday...last weekend was definitely a whirlwind, and I was so grateful to have all of Monday to really shift into productivity mode. 

Finally having everything in place, Christmas decorations put away (oops), 6 loads of laundry, and my room being the cleanest it has ever been really helped me center my focus for the week.

I'm looking forward to a weekend of (mostly) working on some big things coming to the blog next month, some career planning, and relaxing. 

Here are my essentials from this very productive week!

1. On My Watchlist This Weekend - I go through phases with documentaries. I'll go months without watching one, and then suddenly I watch six in a row. This list of women-empowerment documentaries on Netflix definitely has my interest!

2. Disney Pixar Reveals the Truth - This video showing the secret ways that every Disney Pixar movie we've ever loved was too much. I couldn't believe how many things I'd been missing (in movies I'd seen dozens of times!)

3. A Sweater with Perfect Details - I've been focusing on keeping my closet and shopping habits to trend towards classic items that will last me a long time, but with enough differentiation that they're still interesting and cute! This sweater fits into that perfectly. Now to decide which color...

4. Ellen Makes History - Little known fact about me, I have never in my life watched a single minute of an award show on TV. No, seriously... That doesn't keep me from reading all about the highlights though! When I saw that Ellen broke an all-time record by winning her 20th People's Choice Award, I knew I had to mention it. I've always loved Ellen, and I think it couldn't be more deserved!

5. The CUTEST shift dress - for only $65! - I've been setting my sights a little bit past winter now that I've booked my birthday trip to Puerto Rico in March. All I can think about is dresses, swimsuits, and resort-wear. This shift dress immediately caught my eye, and it's only $65!

What's on your agenda for the weekend??

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Fitness Playlist for 2017!

Towards the end of last summer, I really re-dedicated myself to working out consistently throughout the week. I still have my days where a conflict in my schedule prevents me from going, but anytime that I don't have something else planned I make sure to make it to class (even on the horrible rainy winter days that make me want to curl up in bed). 

I've found that the more often I go, the more excited I've become to go again and again. I think a huge part of it is having found a workout routine that finally works for me (more on that soon!), but it's also just the way that it makes me feel overall. (Especially in all of my super comfortable athleisure clothes like these!)

There is a very noticeable difference in my mood and demeanor if I've been going to the gym vs. weeks where I haven't been able to find the time. (Translation - I get super cranky. Sorry Dalton!)

One of the best parts about the classes I attend is that they always have great and energizing music, and I'm constantly wondering what the songs are called. I finally started taking screenshots of their playlists so that I can download and listen to them when I'm walking around or running errands, and I decided this was the perfect excuse to make a new fitness playlist for my Spotify account! 

You can listen to the playlist directly below, or you can open it up in your Spotify app and save it! The playlist is a little over 2 hours long, so if you're like me and tend to skip around a lot during workouts, you'll still have plenty to choose from!

Happy listening!

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What To Bring to Sorority Recruitment!

While it's definitely been a little while since my last sorority recruitment, I still have a lot of friends on campus (and a sorority family member who is the recruitment chair), so I still hear about it...a lot. It's almost like I never left!

Earlier last week, I shared a round-by-round outfit guide for winter recruitment to help incoming Freshman (and sophomores) navigate the process in style! Shortly after posting and sharing it to my friends on campus, my inbox was flooded with emails full of questions from girls asking about recruitment, what to bring, and whether or not the dresses they sent me were a good fit! 

It was honestly a blast, and I'm loving answering all of them, so keep them coming! One of the main questions that kept surfacing was what to bring in your bag the day of. This honestly applies to everyone, both new members and active sorority members alike! 

Unless you're some kind of superhuman, I don't know anyone that can withstand 10 hours straight of chatting, cheering, and sweating it out in a crowded room without needing a few things to help them get through the day.

That's why I wanted to share exactly what to have in your bag to survive recruitment and look your best from round one to the final round!

1. Hairbrush + Straightener/Curler - This one kinda speaks for itself!

2. Mini Perfume - Obviously you don't want to overdo it, but smelling your best is definitely a priority, and not the simplest task after sweating in hot rooms all day!

3. Headphones + Phone Charger - Sometimes it can be nice to just turn off all the white noise and take a break from talking in between rounds (your vocal cords will thank you, too!)

4. Makeup Wipes/Remover - You'll definitely need touch-ups throughout the day, and in my opinion it's best to have a fresh start! Wipe off any smeared or smudged makeup and re-apply!

5. Lip Balm - Even more important in winter recruitment, all of that talking will leaves your lips seriously dry!

6. Hair Ties + Bobby Pins/Clips - You're likely planning on wearing your hair down, but these still manage to come in handy from time to time. 

7. Deodorant - enough said. Keep it fresh!

8. Makeup Bag + Makeup - You probably don't need to bring your entire makeup arsenal, but having a few things for touch-ups on hand is a good idea.

9. Nail Polish - This one might seem a little silly, but you didn't go to all of the trouble of having them perfectly polished only to have them chip halfway through the day!

10. Snacks + Energy Drink or Coffee - These days are seriously draining, and you can't expect to be at your best when you're running on fumes.

11. Hairspray/Texturizer - I've been absolutely swearing by DryBar Triple Sec. It gives my hair great volume and texture, and it acts as a dry shampoo too!

12. Bandaids/Advil/Lint Roller - The mom's trifecta of essential items to have on hand. It will spare you from blisters, inevitable headaches, and outfit struggles.

13. Notepad & Pen - Between each round, I always liked to jot down notes about everything I could remember, and rank a house/my experience on a scale of 1-10. It's a rough system, but it's at least slightly helpful when it comes to scoring at the end of a very long day where all of your conversations have blurred together in your memory!

14. Water - Drink about ten times the amount you think you need! Sweating, talking and moving around takes it out of you more than you can imagine. 
                      Confession - I didn't drink enough water during one of the rounds as a freshman, and I nearly fainted in a house! I had to interrupt a girl only moments after we started talking because I thought I was going to collapse right in front of her. They had to get a chair and glass of water for me, and it was beyond embarrassing. So drink up!!

It's definitely a physically and emotionally draining process, but try to remember that it's supposed to be fun, too! You're about to have four years of fun, friendships, memories, parties, and moments that will completely shape your college experience for the better. 

Good luck to all those who are rushing! Feel free to email me at: if you have any questions!

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