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The Perfect Early Fall Outfit

I think we can all agree (or at least, those of us in the Midwest can) that this fall weather has been more than a little bit all over the board. Yesterday I wore a dress with a light cardigan, and today I bundled up with a jacket and a scarf! 

I'm still wasting way too much time in the mornings, making myself late for work, while I try to come up with an outfit that will keep me warm in the early morning/late evening, and keep me cool enough during midday when it hits the high 70s in temperature!

That's why this dress + cardi combination I've been rocking lately has been the perfect solution. I scooped up this cardigan during the Nordstrom sale, and luckily for all if you it's still marked down to its sale price!

I only wish I had it in more colors...I anticipate some more shopping on the way! The oversized shape of the cardigan makes it great for layering, and I love that it's a little bit different than most of the cardigans I have with the circular edges

If you're like me and you've been struggling to find outfit inspiration for these all-over-the-place days then look no further! Fun fall dresses and cardigans make the easiest combination. This dress I'm wearing is an older one, but I found a few similar ones right here, and here, and also here that are great options too!

An Easy Transitional Fall Outfit

I think that we can all agree this weather has been totally all over the place. It seems like fall might be here to stay, now...but you never know (especially here in the Midwest!)

I've certainly been struggling to find outfits every morning that I'll be comfortable in all day. I actually added ten minutes of time into my morning routine this past week because standing in front of my closet was making me seriously late!

Jacket (Under $100!) | Dress (sold out, but similar) | Necklace | Booties | Watch | Ring

I decided it might be a good time to share some of my favorite transitional outfit ideas that make great go-to's for these bizarre days with 20-degree temperature ranges. Sweating at lunch and freezing in the office is so not fun. 

For me, transitional outfits are all about the layers. Being able to add a few pieces as needed and stash them in your purse when the temperatures hit their high point of the day makes getting dressed a lot easier (plus, the mixing and matching gives you a lot of different outfit options with just a few pieces!

Leather jackets are one of those major wardrobe items that I have coveted for years, but couldn't seem to find one that I liked as easily as everyone else. I swear I must have looked at over 150 of them both in stores and in person, and every single time there was one small detail that made it "not the right one". 

I didn't need it to be real leather and $495, and being affordable was definitely a perk...but then you run into the problem of them looking cheap! I love gold details, but not super shiny yellow gold. I know, I'm a pain! But let me tell you guys...this incredible jacket was beyond worth the wait. 

Every single last little detail is just perfection! Did I mention the price is under $100?! Sold. 

I think one of the ultimate ways to make leather jackets work during these hot-and-cold temperatures is to throw it over a t-shirt dress and some versatile shoes (these in black would be even more perfect...they're next on my shopping list for sure!) 

I love that the jacket has gold details that aren't crazy shiny or overwhelming, and the fit is so comfortable. This t-shirt dress is an old favorite from a boutique last year, but I found a few similar ones that are super budget-friendly here, and here, and here!

Thank goodness this year was the year I found this leather jacket, because I have a feeling it's going to be a purchase that lasts me many years to come!

Jacket (Under $100!) | Dress (sold out, but similar) | Necklace | Booties | 
Watch | Ring | Lipstick (Fall FAVORITE) | Leather Tote

Shop The Look:

How I Balance Everything

post signatureOne of the things I've always prided myself on is my ability to multi-task and juggle everything. It requires a borderline crazy level of organization - constant lists, reminders, tasks, and the occasional late night...but there's just no other way (that I know of, at least!) to stay on top of it all!

Between work, exercising, meal planning and prepping, social events, a relationship, blogging, sleeping...and of course, finding time to binge watch Netflix, it's safe to say I've got a lot on my plate. Then I look at other people who juggle things like families, taking care of a home, multiple jobs, and it blows my mind!

Everyone has their own version of a crazy routine, and life can get particularly hectic in these next few months we're approaching (whenever I really need to take 3-5 minutes to relax, I try this) but since I've managed to be pretty successful at finding a time and place for everything I need to do, I wanted to share some of my best tips in case any of you struggle to find a way to work everything in!

Stay Mindful of Shifting Schedules | I think one of the biggest things to note is that you have to be constantly adjusting your schedule depending on the day, week, and month. Routines shift more often than the seasons, and it's best to look at your entire month as a whole, and then break things down week by week to make sure you're budgeting time for everything.  

Sync Everything Together | I have three calendars. Yes, three! I have a content calendar for the blog, my work calendar that gets broken down into hourly blocks, and my personal calendar for appointments, meals, workout classes, plans with friends and date nights.  

Thankfully, I use google calendar for all of them, and the app lets me sync all three of my calendars into one place (plus it connects to all of my email accounts, so things like doctor appointments and flights that come into my inbox automatically get added with all of the info right there!) 

Find the Right Spacing | A lot of my tasks are things that can be condensed into a once-a-week type of activity. Meal prepping all of my lunches takes about an hour on Sunday, and that frees up about 35 minutes every single night of the week. Sometimes I do the same with dinners and a few smoothie packs for breakfasts, and that time saved is a total game changer. 

Take Advantage of Down Time | I have the "luxury" of a decently long commute every morning. I use this time to go through emails and file away or delete everything - all four of my inboxes always read zero at the end of every day. No exception. My inbox is like my to-do list. If something is in there, it means I am doing it today. Otherwise, it goes into a folder to help me keep track of things and make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. I also use this time to make lists such as for groceries, look up recipes for our date nights, or schedule appointments for doctors or anything else I may need. 

There's definitely no such thing as a one size fits all plan for organization, but these tips and tricks have totally saved my life these last few years, and I'm always fine tuning them and tweaking them to make life just a tiny bit easier. Even 15 extra minutes in my day is everything to me! 

Boots & Booties for Every Budget!

While the weather doesn't seem to be agreeing with the time of year and season, I've had my mind on Fall for about a month now and I won't give in! I'm determined that breezy fall afternoons on patios, light sweaters and cozy drinks are just around the corner, so in the meantime I'm hunkering down in the air conditioning day dreaming about all of my favorite fall activities.

All of this day dreaming has had one benefit, though...PLENTY of time to gather outfit inspiration and stock up on a few of my favorite fall staples for the season! 

I've got 2-3 solid booties that I am absolutely in love with, and know that I'll be able to wear year after year (especially these beauties by Sam Edelman...they're just amazing! I wore them here, and here). 

Still, my shoe collection is pretty lacking in general. I really didn't get crazy into shoes until the last few years because it took me a while to get over my irrational dislike of shoes with heels. I'm 5'10" after all!

I've been lusting after some of these picks below for weeks now, and I think I'm going to pull the trigger on a few! In case you're on the hunt for a few solid pairs of boots and booties to get you through the upcoming seasons, I rounded up some of my favorites (that are totally budget-friendly, too!)