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College & Post-Grad

College & Post-Grad
College & Post-Grad

Stack Em' Up!

Lately I have found myself constantly searching for bracelets that would work well in a bracelet stack. Every time I go in a store, even if it is just to window shop, I do a quick scan to see if they have anything that would be perfect to add to my collection.

I've even started to realize I have been selecting my outfits based on whatever bracelet stack I want to wear that day, when in reality it should probably be the other way around. I just love the way there are endless combinations, and they can make all the difference in the world when it comes to dressing up or dressing down an outfit.

It used to be that I felt completely bare without a pair of earrings; now I can't even leave the house without at least two things on my wrist. I just love seeing little pops of color on my arm, especially if I'm wearing a less-than-exciting ensemble that day.

Below you'll find some pictures of some of my personal favorite bracelet stacks from my own collection, and others that I have been coveting constantly on Pinterest. 

What are some of your favorite bracelets and watches to stack together?

P.S. Can you tell which two pictures are mine? I think my photography skills needs a little work...

P.P.S. Literally right after I published this post I went boutique shopping and bought 4 more things and made a new stack! It really is an addiction. 


Krass & Co Brand Rep

I am beyond excited right now. I just got accepted to be a brand rep for Krass and Co! I only just recently learned about this brand but I am absolutely obsessed already! I swear my entire next paycheck will be going towards purchasing their entire inventory.

I absolutely adore the way they mix preppy designs with such a laid-back, casual and comfy style without sacrificing quality! They just recently came out with a line of women's shorts that are SO adorable and perfect for summer! Fingers crossed that my first pair comes in before I leave for Michigan this weekend! (I just bought the classic lobster shorts and I have a feeling I'm going to live in them!)

Check them out!

How cute are those?! I can't wait to start working with the company and see what else they come up with (and hopefully help contribute to some of those new products and ideas!) I'm so grateful and excited for this opportunity!

If any of you want to buy anything from their site (and honestly, why wouldn't you?!) you can use my new discount code:


And then I can earn some points and continue filling my wardrobe with these shorts!

P.S. Did I mention that these shorts have pockets?!? I can die happy now.

Happy shopping!



The Pinterest Cycle

Let me start this post by stating: I can not cook. It's not as if I burn cereal, but I certainly don't get more complex than spaghetti and a salad. Naturally I don't let this stop me from pinning every single delicious looking recipe I can find on Pinterest, somehow convincing myself that I am both capable and willing to attempt it someday really soon. Right.

Do people every actually make the things they pin to those food boards? All mine ever does is make me feel hungry, and then make me feel lazy because I know that I'm not going to go buy those groceries or actually cook anything. Then I end up snacking on everything in sight to cure my hunger, feel miserable afterwards, and start pinning workout routines that I will never end up actually trying. Essentially this board only causes damage to my self-esteem, but I will never stop pinning to it. It's really a destructive cycle. (Cue a bowl of cereal or ramen noodles in my dorm room while I bury my head in shame...) 

This summer I am determined to make at least five things from that board before I head back to Oxford in August. And...(drumroll please) I finally did it! A couple weeks ago two of my close friends and I went to the grocery and bought our supplies and actually made a very delicious and healthy meal!! (Granted, I was on crutches and thus not very helpful, but that's a story for another time). 

The guy behind the meat counter clearly thought we were complete morons while he watched us attempt to figure out how much salmon to ask for. We had to adjust the size about 5 times before it finally looked right to us, and he could not stop laughing. I guess we aren't what some people would call "domestic". Next we rounded up some vegetables to grill (mushrooms, peppers, squash...YUM!) and we set off on our mission.

I was put in charge of the cocktails (big surprise there). We cut up all of the vegetables, made a mango avocado salsa from scratch for the salmon which was to die for, and attempted to master the grill. It was absolutely delicious! I couldn't believe it. I think it was the best meal I have had all summer, and trust me, my parents can seriously cook.

Maybe this meal will motivate me to keep making some recipes from my Pinterest board soon...fingers crossed!!

Have you ever made a recipe off of Pinterest that you loved? 

P.S. I am attaching links to the recipes we used to this post, I highly recommend it!

Avocado Mango Salsa


Playlist: Songs of Summer

One of my favorite things about being home in the summer is driving my car with the sunroof open, windows down, and music blasting. That is the purest form of freedom for me. I love the feeling of the sun beating down on me and my hair whipping around in the wind while I drive through the Kentucky countryside on my way into the city.

However, for this feeling to be complete, you have to have just the right kind of music.  These are just a few songs that give me the perfect summer feeling of freedom, whether I'm driving my car or sitting on the dock at the lake with my toes in the water.

Rather than re-generating the iTunes top 100 list, I tried to avoid putting too many super mainstream songs on this playlist in the hopes that it would actually help you discover some new songs. (Although I do have a soft spot for the Fergie song from the Great Gatsby - couldn't stop listening to it if I tried!)


What are some of your favorite songs of this summer?

"Without music, life would be a mistake"
-Friedrich Nietszche



What's in my Bag: Lake Weekend

When I think of summer, the first thing that comes to mind is weekends at the lake. I feel like I practically live at my best friends' lake house in the summer! I can't think of a better way to enjoy the freedom and weather that summer brings.

The real beauty in heading out to the lake every Friday afternoon is totally cutting yourself off from technology (except for the late night movie we occasionally watch, of course!) It is pretty much impossible to get phone service there, and while that used to be the end of the world to me and my friends, I've definitely grown to love and appreciate the time off from being constantly glued to a screen 24/7. 

It is incredibly refreshing sitting around a fire with my best friends and catching up with each other without the constant interruption of phones vibrating, or people having to repeat something they said because no one was listening! 

Plus, each time I visit the lake I feel like I'm a little kid again, constantly playing outside, swimming in the lake with noodles, or having tube wars with each other in the sun all day long. 

But being at the lake doesn't mean I have to abandon all of my grown up tendencies, like the perfectly preppy lake wardrobe!

Don't get me wrong here - the lake is definitely the place where things like makeup and attractive hair get abandoned...but I've still managed to find some prep essentials for these weekly lake trips that I think you will all love! 

So what am I packing for yet another perfect weekend spent at the lake with friends? Here it is!

1. Monogrammed Hat! (My little and I got these matching hats from a little store in Louisville called 'Sew Unique' but you can find a bunch on Etsy too!

2. Eos Sweet Mint Lip Balm. (I'll admit I originally bought this because I just thought the packaging was so fun! But now I swear by this little ball of lip balm and the sweet tingly sensation the mint flavor gives you!)

3. Vineyard Vines Koozie. Enough said.

4. Lilly Pulitzer bikini! I bought this last year and I am absolutely obsessed with its bold colors and fun floral print! (I am sensing another purchase of one of this year's prints is in my near future...)

5. Monogrammed Seafoam PFG with coral embroidery! (My little and I got these matching too! Yes, we are one of those big/little relationships and I'm not even sorry about it!) This is a must-have for the lake - its the perfect length for a coverup and provides protection from the sun when you need it!

6. Essie Nail Polish in Peach Daquiri. This coral color is perfect for summer (not to mention it matches everything else I brought!)

7. Vineyard Vines Croakie. I collect these things like candy at the Vineyard Vines booth at the Derby every year! 

8. Monogrammed Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses from Marley Lilly. I bought these a couple months ago during a flash sale and they might be my favorite purchase of all time - I am totally obsessed!

And there you have it, the perfectly preppy and simple packing list for a sun-filled weekend at the lake!

How did you spend your weekend?



The Wine Bible: Crash Course

As if starting a new blog wasn't enough of a project to take on this summer, I have decided to give myself a crash course on anything and everything wine. I drink it frequently enough, and I definitely have some grasp on what wines I do and don't like, but I always feel like such a fraud when I order wine at a restaurant. As if I seriously know the difference in all of the wines on the wine list besides the price $$$.

Whenever I am home for the summer or holidays my dad is constantly spewing information about different types of wines, where they come from, etc. (All the while I'm nodding my head and wishing he would stop talking and just hand it over!) But I realized at some point in my life it might actually be useful to have some idea of what I'm talking about!

That was when I stumbled upon the all-knowing book, The Wine Bible, a "quick" 910 page summer read by Karen MacNeil, on my dad's bookshelf. So, being the overachiever that I am, I decided this summer would be the perfect opportunity to study the book, taste some of my dad's more expensive and rare wines and try to actually learn something useful and fun. (Couldn't be any worse than the classes I study when I'm at school, right?)

Then my dad gets the brilliant idea that he should be my professor of this little wine crash course I invented, and declared that I would be receiving weekly quizzes on the book. Yea...so this isn't sounding all that fun anymore. Next he announced his grading scale as follows:

A: I win a free bottle of wine! (I can get on board with this reward...)
B: I get to drink some very nice wine with him (still totally content with this concept)
C: No wine for me   :(
D: I owe him a bottle of wine (as long as he's okay with the $6.00 kind)
F: No more wine for me for the rest of the MONTH! (that seems a bit extreme...)

However, I relented because, let's face it, I have OCD and I have never gotten a C in my life. So I have officially begun my adventure in my crash course on the study of wine...all 910 pages of it. Hopefully by the end of the summer I will have an extensive wine collection gifted from my dad and I won't feel like such a fraud the next time I am ordering wine at a fancy restaurant! 

My first quiz is tonight...Stay tuned for the results!

Is anyone else trying to learn something new this summer?


A Pop of Color

To me there is no feeling more satisfying than looking down at my hands and seeing bright and happy colors splashed on my nails. Having painted nails makes me feel so much more put together and confident; it's such a simple detail that has such a large impact on someone's overall appearance. Plus it doesn't hurt to have something pretty to look at while I type in numbers and codes in my cubicle all day!

Unfortunately, as with most things in my life since I became a broke college student with eyes much bigger than my wallet, I can't always afford the time or money it takes to go get a professional manicure. But that's no excuse to have bare nails! 

You can easily give yourself a great and quick manicure without all the fuss that salons put in. Plus painting nails is such a relaxing activity. If I really want to unwind, lighting a candle and turning on one of my shows while I paint my nails is the perfect 30 minute break from the constant chaos and chatter of my daily life. It's also a fun way to make laying out by the pool a little more productive!

I'll admit it...I do have a bit of an obsession with buying nail polish. Right now I'm having a love affair with my newest purchase, 'Bikini So Teeny' by Essie! I got six compliments the first day I wore it - a strange thing to compliment but it put a smile on my face all the same!

(Bikini So Teeny - Essie)

Summer is the best season for nails because there are no limits! No color too bright, and the bolder the better if you ask me! I am also currently obsessing over Essie's naughty nautical collection for summer 2013 - I've already bought three of them! (Like I said...it's a bit of an addiction). 

 (Essie Naughty Nautical Summer 2013 Collection)

What are some of your favorite colors for summer? Any suggestions? I'm currently searching for a great new shade of pink!


Summer Sips

With the summer heat finally catching up to us I hope everyone has been finding ways to stay cool. My personal favorite way to beat the heat at the end of the day is to stir up some delicious and refreshing cocktails for a night with my friends. I don't know about you, but to me nothing says summer quite like a night on the porch with a sweet margarita, surrounded by friends sharing stories from a long year away at school.

These are the top 5 favorites (selected by my voting committee of friends) to sip on. They are all simple and quick to make, and don't require any crazy ingredients or a trip to the nearest party store. Most likely you can find all of these ingredients already in your house! (Especially if you have a family like mine that is constantly experimenting with new recipes and ideas).

If you like cucumber water you will LOVE this soothing mojito.

This pretty-in-pink watermelon cocktail is the perfect way to end your day (or start your night!)

This island-inspired cocktail will leave you feeling beachy! Super simple to make.

To give this summer sip a little extra fizz, top it off with a little champagne!

This one is delicious...and dangerous! Sip with caution...

What are some of your favorite summertime refreshments? 
Stay cool, everyone!



Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is next weekend and if any of you are procrastinators like I am, you probably still haven't found the perfect gift to give dear old Dad. (It's a tad pathetic that I am making a gift guide and have yet to actually purchase anything, but who knows? Maybe it will inspire a shopping trip!)

The question is, what do you buy for the man who has everything he needs? Especially when you're on as limited of a budget as I am. You can never go wrong with any of these classic gifts, perfect for the traveler, golfer, "grill master", and anything in between. I've selected items from varying price ranges so there is a little something for everyone!

1. Brooks Brothers Leather Tie Case, $148 

2. Williams-Sonoma Burger Gift Set, $49.95

3. Brooks Brothers Seersucker Stripe Tie, $79.50 
(Because who doesn't love seersucker in the summer?!)

4. St. Andrews, The Home of Golf, $45

5. Timex for J.Crew Watch, $232

Hope this helps! And most importantly don't forget to call your Dad next Sunday and say I love you! (you're welcome for the reminder!)