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Tory Burch Elyse Booties

Tory Burch is a genius. This is not the first and definitely not the last time I will say this, but it has been proven once again.

I think I am having a legitimate love affair with the new Tory Burch Elyse Bootie. The gold zipper, the low heel, and the detailing on the heel? Perfection. This is most definitely my biggest lust-worthy item of the season and a must-have. I'm legitimately considering taking up a part-time job for these beauties.

My closet is crying for these adorable booties to become a part of my daily wardrobe - I don't think I would ever take them off! I spend at least half of my time in class daydreaming about the outfits I would pair these with. True obsession.

*Hint Hint, Dad, Christmas is just around the corner...*

Ahh...I wish.

I'm off to go continue dreaming about these...Maybe if I wish hard enough I'll wake up to find them in my closet from the shopping gods.


Bean Boots vs. Hunter Boots

*For a new-and-improved version of this post, click here!*

That's it. I have officially converted. 

I am D-O-N-E done with hunter boots. Yes, they are adorable and there are a million cute ways to wear them and outfits to pair them with, but after an 8-minute walk to class the other day I was rewarded with the worst blister I have ever experienced in my life. No exaggeration, y'all - I had to beg one of my friends for a ride home because my boots were filled with blood. I literally carried them home and walked through the business school holding a boot and limping. (Potentially a new low...)

I really don't know why this happened, considering I've owned my Hunters for over a year and I've never had such a bad experience with them (note: plenty of bad ones - just none this extreme). Maybe my feet have become deformed from all of the sprains and breaks I've experienced lately, but I am officially terrified of those boots.

My roommate received her pair of bean boots in the mail that very same day, and I couldn't help but think it was fate. I am ordering my own pair ASAP and kissing (*kicking*) my Hunter boots goodbye. Unless my heels become reinforced with steel I don't think I can ever face a blister like that again! (Maybe someday when I buy thicker socks I'll give them one more chance, but as of now we are on a definite break).

If you are one of many who is trying to decide which boot is right for you - look no further!

Here are my official reviews of each:
Bean Boots: These boots are extremely comfortable, have great traction (especially in snow) and you can walk incredibly long distances without any rubbing, bleeding or blistering. They're still fashionable and look adorable with skinny jeans, leggings, and cute boot socks. I have zero complaints!

Hunter Boots: I have heard complaints from an extremely high number of people (and, as I just explained, I'm not very happy with these boots either...) They are very stiff, can cause a lot of blisters despite the thick socks they come with, and are frankly a little bit awkward to walk in. My advice is that if you really need a height of rain boot such as this, simply order the taller bean boots. Your heels (and pedicurist) will thank you! 

I am going to order the 6" bean boots because I think they are the perfect length to wear with skinny jeans or leggings and I can't wait for them to get here! 

I remember when my Dad insisted before I went to college that these things were his salvation in college and I thought he was insane. No way was I going to wear those "hideous" things - believe me, I have learned to love them and see how adorable they really can be now - I literally laughed in his face! Typical stubborn me. The more I have seen them on Pinterest and various fashion blogs the more they have grown on me, and my experience the other day was definitely the last straw.

Don't forget to order your Bean Boots as early as possible in the year - they tend to be backordered by several months and you don't want to be waiting until January to get yours!

If you need any advice with sizing, heights, socks, or other questions about either style boot please comment or feel free to email me!

Which rainy day boots do you prefer, Hunters or Bean Boots?


Stop Complaining, Start Solving

I'm not a huge fan of resolutions. I prefer to set goals and map out what I need to do in order to accomplish those goals. Setting resolutions, in my opinion, is a little bit like giving something up for Lent. (I am in no way mocking the idea of Lent, I just don't personally practice it). I feel like when you set a resolution, you're implying that a person can change overnight. "I resolve to work out every single day from now on". "I will give up desserts for Lent". Once you break your resolution, it seems like the entire thing falls by the wayside. It brings about the logic that you've already broken it once and failed, so you might as well call the whole thing a wash and consider a new resolution next year.

When you set a goal, you expect there to be complications and setbacks. Missteps and failures in your path towards accomplishing it. But there is still a finish line that you can set your sights upon. You have steps mapped out that make your goal seem more achievable. It allows time for you to change, rather than relying upon the silly notion that because a party full of people counted down to midnight you can suddenly change a habit you've likely had your entire life with the snap of your fingers. Change takes time.

In honor of the fall season, I have decided to set a new goal for myself. (Actually, it is a goal I have set in the past but never truly dedicated myself to, so I am re-dedicating myself to this goal by actually setting out plans to accomplish it).

This was brought on by a quote I found while perusing Pinterest (as per usual) the other day. 

Perfectly said. 

If I'm being honest with myself, I complain way more often that I mean to. I don't even realize I am doing it sometimes, and later on realize what a downer I was being. I often mistake complaining for venting - and I totally believe venting is important and normal behavior; to an extent - but I always end up kicking myself and realizing what a pain I must be when I go on one of my rants.

I live an extremely blessed life. While that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to have problems or pains that upset me, many of the things I find myself complaining about are completely within my control. Whether they are troubles with my grades, boys, or friends, there is always something, no matter how small, that can be done about it. If I spent the time I use complaining about these issues actually resolving them, I think my life would be a lot less stressful and a lot more satisfying.

So that's it - my new goal for myself. Anytime I find myself complaining about something, I am going to take however many minutes I spent complaining and use the same amount of time trying to work towards a resolution for my problem. I think it will be a long process, but in the end very cleansing and refreshing.

What are your goals you're currently working towards?


Pick Pink

In honor of all of the amazing Breast Cancer Awareness products that have been popping up everywhere lately, I have decided to do a feature on some of my personal favorites! Breast cancer is something that has affected many friends and family very near and dear to my heart, and anytime I see a great product that is for this cause I instantly feel so much more compelled to purchase it.

Companies with social responsibility instantly gain brand loyalty from me as a customer - I don't think that there is a single business, company, or industry that shouldn't be in some way socially responsible and charitable. (There is a reason one of my majors is sustainability...) I refuse to even consider working or interning for a company that doesn't demonstrate that social responsibility and philanthropic activities are not a top priority for them, and I'm hardly in a position to be picky in the job market. 

There are so many products that have been some of my favorite purchases lately that have also been for such important causes. That is why I was so excited when I saw Nordstrom's new "Pick Pink" campaign, and all of the amazing products they are selling in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

To see the rest of the amazing products included in Nordstrom's "Pick Pink" campaign, check out the Pinterest board here!

Evelyn Candle Holder, $44 - 10% of every sale will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

North Face Pink Ribbon Down Vest, $99 - Made in support of Boarding for Breast Cancer

Bobbi Brown Pink Peony Illuminating Bronzer  - $10 donated to Breast Cancer Research with every purchase

Sara Happ Lip Scrub, $24 - 20% of profits donated to Breast Cancer Research

Marc Jacobs Daisy Hot Pink Limited Edition, $79 - Portion of proceeds goes towards Breast Cancer Research

Nest "Passion for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation" Candle, $28 - Portion of proceeds goes towards Breast Cancer Research

Deborah Lippmann Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Color, $17 - Collaboration between Deborah Lippmann and Shape Magazine to raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Clairisonic Pink Sonic Skin Cleansing System, $150 - contributes to "Look Good, Feel Good" program

All of these products are going towards such a great cause, and they are all incredible products! I already have Marc Jacobs Daisy, and I definitely recommend you buy it now while the limited edition contributes towards charity!

Pick Pink!


Taking A Sick Day

Another fun fact you guys get to learn about me...I am always sick. I know everyone says that, but I truly am. I'm pretty sure that's what I'm known for by most of my sorority sisters - being the girl that always always always has something wrong with her. I'm constantly sick or injured or randomly waking up with mysterious and unexplainable illnesses that take weeks to diagnose and treat. 

I have broken more bones in college than I would like to admit...contracted a bizarre stomach disease that caused me to lose 25 pounds last year and I couldn't keep a single thing down for months (safe to say I have a new appreciation for food and will never again go on a diet - ever), and wind up on antibiotics way more than is probably healthy. If there is a bacteria or virus within 10 miles of me I promise you it will find me. My "medicine cabinet" has turned into more of a fully functioning pharmacy!

Confession #2: I am a 4 year old when I am sick. Seriously. I have kept all of my same sick habits since I was a little kid and I don't intend on ever changing them. The only difference is I don't have my parents waiting on me hand and foot. (First world pains much? I have to heat my own soup. Tough life, I know). I love nothing more than curling up with my favorite childhood movies, my fuzzy blankets I've had forever, and eating some chicken and stars soup. (The shapes make a difference, I'm convinced).

Being sick for more than half of the time, including right now, it's safe to say that I have developed quite a routine for what makes me feel better when I can't seem to shake a sickness. These are some of my favorite sick day comfort items to get me through the winter (and all those times I just need a "personal day"...)

Nothing says comfort to me like curling up in bed with a stack of blankets, an overdose of vitamin C and my favorite soup, and a never-ending stack of Disney movies and magazines to pass the time between NyQuil doses.

What are your favorite comforts to turn to when you're feeling under the weather?


What I Wore Today

It's official...I've found my new favorite fall outfit! My new J.Crew sweater came in a few weeks ago and I have been dying for it to finally be the right temperature to wear it, and today was the day! It is perfect for these crisp but sunny fall days we've been having on campus, and the best part is - I have never been so comfortable! 

Seriously, this sweater is the softest thing I have ever worn. I loved that I could take my marketing midterm today while looking cute but still being comfortable after a very late night of cramming. Naturally, per my study habits, I managed to find time to paint my nails while I was cramming last night and it pulled the whole look together. 

This is my new favorite fall outfit!

1. Olive Green Large Longchamp Le Pliage - My stepmom brought this back for me from Paris and I have been so excited for fall weather so I could finally show it off! The color is actually called Slate, not totally sure why but I love it!

5. J.Crew Merino Swing Sweater - totally obsessed!

8. Black Leggings from White House Black Market (I seriously recommend these - very durable, pretty cheap ($33 and on sale right now!) and beyond comfortable!)

What's your favorite fall outfit this season?


Fall Premieres

In my post ranting about how much I love fall I forgot one crucial thing - all of the season premieres on TV!! I'm a total TV addict, particularly Netflix, so not only do I get to watch all of the premieres of my favorite shows and new exciting ones but I get all new seasons added to my favorite shows on Netflix as well! #byeGPA...

There's so many great things on TV I don't know how I'm going to have time for anything else! Couch potato for life. Some of the new shows I'm most excited about are "The Originals" on CW (a spinoff from Vampire Diaries with hopefully just as attractive a cast...Damon Salvatore can bite my neck any day of the week, I would totally be a vampire to spend an eternity with him...) I also can't wait to see "Once Upon A Time in Wonderland" (another spinoff - guess I'm a bit of a loyal follower) on ABC. There's nothing more upsetting when a show you love ends, but getting a spinoff is the next best thing!

And of course there's my old favorites that are making a comeback on my TV screen this fall, like the *sniff* last season of Grey's Anatomy ever!! Although, the show was supposed to already end so I guess I shouldn't be complaining! I'm not sure how many more seasons of Meredith and Derek drama I could take anyway... Forget WebMD I'm totally guilty of thinking I'm a surgeon solely because of how many episodes I've seen of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Keep all surgical tools away from my delusionally inflated ego please...

What shows are you most looking forward to this fall?


Essential Reading: If You Find Me

After a long and crazy week of nonstop midterms, projects and papers I am finally done with the chaos and treating myself to some much needed relaxation time. The only thing that got me through the week was the thought of curling up in my bed with a book, a movie, and a glass of wine.

You'd think I would be tired of reading after endless pages of textbooks and lecture notes for 9 days straight, but nothing helps me unwind more than letting myself get completely transported to a new world by diving into a great book, especially if I have time to read the entire thing. 

You absolutely must read "If You Find Me", by Emily Murdoch. This book was extraordinarily well-written. The author does such an incredible job of capturing the essence of the main characters in a particularly difficult story line - don't worry no spoilers here! 

The story is about two sisters who were raised in a trailer in the middle of the woods of Tennessee by their drug-ridden mother who kidnapped them at a young age. After eight long years, the girls are finally found and are plunged into an unfamiliar and scary world of civilized society where they attempt to uncover the truth about what happened to them and seek balance between who they are and who they were supposed to be. 

This story is incredibly powerful and compelling until the very end as you try to determine the truth about the sisters' stories and the hardships they have faced. Admittedly, in the beginning I was a little irritated by the backwoods slang of the main character but later realized how important it is to the character's personality, so don't let that turn you away!

What really struck me about this book was how well the author could capture such a difficult and unimaginable hardship with such realism. She connects so well to how I imagine such an experience would feel that I even ended up googling the author to see if she was writing from personal experience. (She wasn't, but you could have fooled me!)

I seriously recommend this book as essential reading! Any suggestions on what I should read next? Cosmopolitan suggested "Help for the Haunted" by John Searles - has anyone else read that one? 

Comment if you read this, I would absolutely love to hear what you all think!


October Lilly Pulitzer Calendar

Sorry for the slight delay putting this up, I finally managed to survive my crazy exam weeks and am now settling down to catch up on some much needed blog therapy! Just click the link below to download and print the calendar template!

Download Here!