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College & Post-Grad

College & Post-Grad
College & Post-Grad

Peep Show

Happy Easter! I hope all of you are finding a fun way to celebrate, or at the very least enjoy this beautiful Sunday! For me, Easter has always been a great excuse to put some peeps in the microwave and watch them grow (some kids never grow up...) but the Washington Post has found a much more useful way to utilize our favorite Marshmallow Snack - A Peep Diorama Contest. 

These Dioramas all show major moments of the past year, from "Despeepable Congress" to "Zero Peep Thirty". Here are some fun videos and photos of my favorite models. 

                              "Peeps Chili Bowl"                                    via

                              "Despeepable Congress"                             via

And by far my favorite...
                                      Peeps DryBar!                                    via

See more of these incredible dioramas at the Washington Post website here, and comment below which one is your favorite! 

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Essential Reading: Graduates in Wonderland

In complete and utter denial that so many of my closest friends are graduating in 5 short weeks, and in even more denial that I will be a senior next year (am I being Punk'd?), this upcoming book seems well-timed. Coming out in May, Graduates in Wonderland is definitely on my must-read list for this summer! I can't wait to lay out (in an undisclosed location...my summer plans will soon be revealed in an upcoming post!) and read this in anticipation of my senior year.

Obviously, I haven't read it yet so I can't review it very thoroughly, but from what I can see, it will relate to anyone who has ever felt like life is moving too fast, or like they were sipping juice boxes and playing on the swings just yesterday. One thing I have always found no matter what my struggles, is that my friends that live under the same roof and those that are thousands of miles away are always there to help commiserate with similar tales. 

When I do finally get a chance to relax and read this, I'll be sure to fill you in on what I thought, but I know I am certainly placing it on my summer reading list!

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Yik Yak

If you are on a college campus you have likely heard of the new app called "Yik Yak" that has seemingly swept campuses overnight. For those of you that don't know, however, Yik Yak is essentially an anonymous twitter, allowing people to post anything they want and have it be visible to anyone within a 5 mile radius. 

While admittedly some of the posts are highly amusing, I think we can all imagine the dangers and potential ramifications of allowing people to anonymously interact on social media and never face the repercussions or have their name attached to it. 

Users also have the capability to "upvote" and "downvote" a post, changing its score as it gets more or less votes. Fortunately, the app at least has an effective "report" feature that removes any Yak that is reported for being offensive or cruel, and if a post gets too many down votes it is also removed. 

I can't pretend that I am not on this app frequently throughout the day, but after my first 24 hours with the app I realized that whoever decided college students could be mature and friendly enough to anonymously interact with each other was seriously mistaken. I have watched countless people be cruelly victimized, called out for actions both real and fake, and entire student organizations relentlessly ridiculed. Girls have been publicly called out as sluts and whores, while racism and other sexist remarks frequent the page every few minutes. 

We all love a little gossip, it's human nature, but at what point should we draw the line? Personally, as amusing as I find this app to be at times, I don't see it having a long life span for two reasons:

1. The originality of the app rapidly decreased after its initial 48 hours of popularity
2. The consequences of this app I fear will soon extend beyond someone simply getting their feelings hurt. 

What do you think about people being able to anonymously interact on social media? Do you think people can handle that type of responsibility at any age?

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iPad Style

If any of you saw my birthday posts, you'll know that I was SO lucky and thrilled to get an iPad Mini for my birthday! I am obsessing over my favorite new toy, and am actually very grateful for the time I am spending with it rather than hunched at my desk over my computer. 

However, like any style-savvy girl knows, it's all about how you accessorize! I was also gifted with a really awesome Smart Case for my iPad which I love! Then the other day while I was online "window" shopping, I realized I have a whole new toy to accessorize! So I started shopping. And shopping, and shopping, and shopping...

And now I'm torn between my Smart Case, a Safer Case that protects it from my clumsy tendencies, or something a little more stylish! Please help this indecisive blogger choose!

                             Style                                    Safety                                                   Smart

All of them definitely have their pros and cons, and I have to say I do love the way my smart case folds up so I can set it on my nightstand to watch Netflix!

Comment with your vote below!

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Throwback Thursday

Taking a cue from Instagram trends, I thought it would be a fun idea to do some digging into my childhood and relive some fun memories! Like when my biggest problem of the week was how I was possibly going to watch both of my favorite cartoons if they were on at the same time on Saturday morning?! 

In all seriousness though, we were asked in my marketing class the other day to take 10 minutes of silence and think about what activities and things we enjoyed when we were children. When the ten minutes was up, my professor asked us to look at the list we had made and count how many things we still did, or would still enjoy doing. It was really saddening to see how many things I had either forgotten about or hadn't done in so many years...

So here is my own personal (and probably pretty embarrassing) throwback list, along with my own #tbt picture. At least I know I wasn't thinking about what filter I was going to use when this picture was being taken!

I had a blast making this list, so I made a download for you to fill out yourselves here!

Please fill it out and post it on your own blogs, or put your replies in the comments! I'd love to see that I'm not alone in my love for juice boxes and Disney Channel! 
And if you do post it on your own blog, please post a link so I can see it!

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Clear the Desk Clutter

Midway through the semester and it is about time that I do some re-organization. At this point in the year, I've lost most of my motivation (especially in my post-Vitamin D haze from spring break), and even with my OCD tendencies papers have started to pile up a little bit and the clutter on my desk is just finally reaching the point that I am taking notice. 

My main issue with organizing my desk is that I have so many little things, once I organize I forget where I put something and it takes me forever to find one specific document or item!

This is why when I saw the Anthropologie Lucite Desk Collection I knew it would be absolutely perfect. Everything is clear, giving the space a clean and organized look while still allowing me to see everything and know where it is. Plus, I love the idea of getting some neon accessories, folders, pens and paper clips to really add some pops of color through the clear desk organizers. 

Granted, I'm living that college budget lifestyle and can't afford a desk re-model right now, but these are definitely on my radar for future purchases!

Take a look!

What is your favorite item from the collection?

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Decaf, Please!

I can't tell you how many times I've seen the shocked expression on peoples faces when I tell them that I do not do drink caffeine (and haven't since I was 15). Yes, that includes soda. I actually don't drink anything carbonated at all. No coffee, no caffeinated tea, and no soda. It has actually been so long since I've had caffeine that when I do I feel very sick. 

I have also been known to have absolutely terrible sleeping habits, averaging between 2-4 hours a night. You'd think I would be walking around like a zombie, but I actually think I have more energy than a lot of my caffeine-dependent friends! (Some of my friends joke that my body naturally produces adderall - HA. I wish)

Everyone keeps asking me how I survive without caffeine, how I still have so much energy, and how I wake up when I'm feeling particularly sleepy. Here are some of the ways I get my (decaf) energy fix!

1. A Glass of Ice Water - First of all, I am nuts about ice water. I am one of those people that actually does drink 8-10 glasses of ice water a day - probably more. I also dab a little on each wrist if I'm extra sleepy!

2. Essential Oils - An awakening citrus scent like this delicious Meyer Lemon candle from Williams-Sonoma is a nice way to stay relaxed but wake yourself up with a yummy smell!

3. Take a 5-Minute Music Break - Don't just play music at your desk. Get up, turn on some lively songs and move around for a little bit! The change of position and the extra movement will get your heart rate and muscles working again. For a great wake-up playlist, see my earlier post here!

4. Change the Lighting - I think this is the most little-known trick to wake up, but it is by far the most helpful in my opinion. Your eyes start to adjust to the same type of lightning, making it easier for them to shut and feel heavy. I try and change the lighting and move my lamps around every hour or so. That way the room still feels bright and my eyes are constantly having to re-adjust!

5. Quick Phone Call to a Friend - This one takes some discipline, because it can be easy to get caught up in a super long conversation and procrastinate. That's why I usually set a timer on my phone when I do this one so I don't go over the time limit! Call up an old friend you haven't heard from in a while and chat for 5-10 minutes about something fun, then get back to work!

6. Funny Youtube Videos - I hesitate to provide any links on this one, because I highly doubt the things I find funny are even all that amusing, but when I need a little pick-me-up, watching a handful of funny and entertaining youtube videos is a great way to wake up and laugh a little. Just don't get too sucked up watching cat videos for hours! (Another good substitute is Vine videos - they are short but funny!)

Those are some of my favorite ways to wake myself up and put a little pep in my step on my sleepiest days! What ways do you wake up besides caffeine? Did anyone give up caffeine for Lent?

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Spring Break Recap!

I think I am still a little bit in denial that spring break is over...but I had the most amazing time! This year I traveled (aka tirelessly drove 13 straight hours) down to Gulf Shores, Alabama with 9 of my best friends to a house we rented for the week! 

Oh yea, and about 400 other kids from our school came too! Miami essentially took over Gulf Shores for the week, but we all had a blast and everyone had houses right next to each other all the way down the beach!

We didn't do anything too special besides enjoy some sun in the beach, some margaritas, and a few fun nights out for some delicious seafood! It was so nice to not have any school stresses and just enjoy some finally warm weather! Here are some fun pictures of our trip!

How was your spring breaks?! I would love to hear where you went!

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