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College & Post-Grad

College & Post-Grad
College & Post-Grad

The Ultimate Technology Cleanup Checklist

If you're Type-A like me, one of your favorite ways to spend boredom and free time is to get organized, make lists, and plan plan plan! With each new semester, I like to clear out everything from the past few months and start on a totally fresh page. 

This also means that when I'm stuck at home for the holidays instead of being at school, my options for organizing are much more limited. Thankfully, this gives me time to tackle my most time-consuming clutter - all of my little gadgets!

I've found that whenever I have a clean inbox, clear phone, and de-cluttered desktop, I'm much less likely to procrastinate on things during my daily routine. An email inbox is a lot less daunting when you know there aren't any scary and time-consuming emails waiting for responses or endless messages dying to be sorted into folders. Then there's that daily little reminder on my iPhone whenever I plug it in that claims, "Your storage is almost full"...I know. 

For the Type-A organizers like me, or even for the Non-Type-A people who need a little guidance, here is my master list of performing your very own digital de-clutter. 
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Email Inbox
1. First, go through and delete any random spam emails or daily subscription emails that you opened and were simply too lazy to delete. 
2. Next, flag anything that is important, needs a response, or that you're saving for a special reason. You'll want to keep these in your main inbox so they're easy to search for and don't get lost in the shuffle.
3. Decide what things warrant a category folder. If you have groups of emails of 5+ all regarding to a certain topic, it probably merits its own folder. Create each folder and move everything into its proper place.
*some sample folders might include bills, receipts or shipping confirmations (it's always good to save these for at least 2 months, which is when a return would probably expire anyway!), banking, travel, etc.*

Phone Storage and Clutter
1. Delete any apps you haven't opened in the last 6 months. If you aren't using it, you don't need it! (Besides, it will stay in the cloud so if you one day really want it back, it's just a click away!)
2. If you have an iPhone, you'd be blown away how much storage space old iMessages are taking up. It's a bit of a pain, but simply scrolling to the bottom of your messages folder and deleting old conversations will free up unimaginable space!
3. Sync up your music and photos to your computer, and then delete everything you won't need to access from your phone. Unless you're saving that picture for a #tbt, you don't need it on there! The easiest way to pick and choose music is to make a few playlists and only sync those to your device.
4. Just like Facebook friends, phone contacts from people you haven't spoken to since the 8th grade are really not necessary. If you're hoarding them - just sync it to your contacts on your computer and remove them from your device! 
*these seem like obvious tips, but most people tend to just delete apps or other valuable data and ignore these key trouble areas instead*

These simple little steps don't take very long, and believe me you will feel a lot less overwhelmed by your constantly-buzzing technology if you take the time out of your day to de-clutter them!

Hope this helps! Feel free to comment if you want more suggestions or have any additional tips!

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  1. I really need to sit down and clean out my inbox, I've been putting it off but 2015 is the perfect time to start fresh.