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Dorm + College Bedroom Decor Essentials!

I already touched on the topic of dorm + college bedroom decor a little bit when I shared my favorite bedding, pillows + sheets...but there is so much more to it than that, obviously! Decorating has increasingly become one of my favorite things to do, even if I'm just playing around on Pinterest or coming up with inspiration for future rooms. 

I still loved it when I was in college, but I definitely had a lot to learn, and I so wish I could go back with my knowledge now and try it all over again (but who doesn't, really?!) With sites like Pinterest around too, it seems like there are so many more ways to get inspiration for how to decorate and customize your space. Art prints, decorative pillows, coordinated bedding, and so many adorable accessories!

Try to think about things that you will still be interested in for multiple years. You will likely want to change up your space a little between each year, and probably get rid of everything when you move on into the real world, but it's nice if you can keep things inexpensive and consistent year after year. Luckily, there are a lot of great ways to do this!

One of my favorite ways to decorate is with photos and art prints. Framed pictures and unique arrangements on my walls make me feel at home. If I'm having a tough day, having snapshots of fun moments are a reminder that everything will be okay! Plus, you will need a place to show off all of those new Instagrams you take with new friends on campus (and to remember your loved ones at home). 

So I might have a thing for abstracts and watercolors right now...

Of course, there are plenty of other fun things you can hang on your walls, too!

Here is a sneak peak of how I displayed all of my favorite Instagrams in my first Chicago apartment - I printed them using Walgreen's photo app called Printicular - all you do is connect your social media apps, tap the photos you want, print and order them straight from your phone (your Instagrams will even come in Insta-size, and you can even have them delivered!

Two things I really wish I had thought of that would have transformed my dorm space more than anything are: rugs and carpets. These are simple items, but they make a big statement and really eliminate the remaining dreary parts of your dorm space. (I did get a rug, but it was always a plain tan one being sold outside my dorm...great for stains and spills, but would have been so nice to have something cute and fun!) Definitely something you should discuss with your roommate if possible, though! Blackout curtains are recommended, and I've been pleasantly surprised to find that there are actually cute options out these days!

As adorable as fluorescent dorm lighting is...a solid reading (aka makeup) lamp is definitely essential. Not to mention, having your own set of light to use for nights your roommate is lucky enough to go to bed much earlier than you will definitely be key so that you can both share the space comfortably! Table lamps can be great, but I recommend getting at least one flexible lamp for reading in bed, etc. especially with the limited desk space you are already working with. String lights are also a dorm decor favorite (and I admit, I still use them post-grad from time to time, especially in the winter when I need a little extra light in my life!)

Staying organized is incredibly important in smaller spaces - and can make a huge difference with how much stuff (aka clothes) you can actually bring with you. Being smart about storage is key, and luckily there are a ton of great products to help you do that and still look cute! You will run into a lot of shoe storage organizers for your closet/closet door, but after many failed items and attempts, I learned that what worked best for me was a simple laundry basket to hold it all on the floor of my closet! Might not be glamorous, but it held the most shoes for the smallest amount of space...just a recommendation!

PS - I am so insanely jealous that they now make bed risers with USB ports and plugs...the leaning off of my super-tall bed thing while charging my phone led to many embarrassing falls!

Having a study space that you feel comfortable and happy to be in is so important. Surrounding yourself with things that motivate, inspire, and genuinely just lift your mood will be a game-changer when it comes to long nights, frustrating assignments, and that paper you've put off for weeks that is due *tomorrow*! The collaborations between Target and SugarPaper & Nate Berkus are so adorable. Definitely considering picking up a few of these for my desk at work and at home! 

How are you decorating your dorm or room this year? I love seeing/hearing how people are decorating spaces, so comment below or even better, email me pictures!

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