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Essentials of the Week!

Whew! This week has been a total whirlwind. I feel like I've been playing catch-up all across the board - at work, with the blog, and most importantly, with sleep! I think there has just been a lot to adjust to in all of those areas this past week...but I definitely want to spend the weekend getting re-focused and starting next Monday off in a better place. 

Does anyone else have those weeks where everything just feels a I've been hitting snooze too many times, running late, needing more energy, and slowly falling behind. 

Further proof that having a productive Sunday can make or break how the rest of your week goes!

Here are my essentials for this week:

1. The Best Perfume I Have Ever Smelled | Normally, I wouldn't necessarily push too hard on something like a perfume, because scents are such a personal taste and everyone has such different opinions...but earlier this week a coworker of mine bought this brand new scent, and I loved it so much that I bought the bottle minutes after smelling it on her. It's that wonderful! 

2. The Triple Threat Wine Experience | I'm a huge fan of adventure, of wine, and Croatia has been on my next-to-visit travel bucket list for almost five years now. When I saw that a winery is trying something that has never been done before in Croatia, I got even more antsy to book a trip! They are storing their wine in clay jars underwater for 700 days, right off the coast of Croatia! TBD on how good the wine actually tastes, but this just seems like an incredible experience either way.

3. This Tank Perfect for Layering| I love a good deal, and for $12, this adorable and simple tank can't be beat. I personally love the "burnt ember" color because I think it would last you well into the fall and all summer long, too! Grab it before it's gone! 

4. The "New" Instagram? | My news feed blew up yesterday with the announcement from Amazon that they are launch a new app called "Spark" that looks eerily similar to Instagram...with a much more shoppable experience. I'm definitely intrigued!

5. 73 Questions | I have been loving these "73 Questions With..." videos that Vogue has been doing. They have somehow been able to target absolutely all of my favorite celebrities (and especially the ones I wish I knew more about!) This video with Gigi Hadid was so fun to see. 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access: What's Left that I'm Loving!

So, I'm sure by now if you read many blogs or follow a lot of us on Instagram, you are probably very worn out on all things Nordstrom Sale. I hear ya - I really do. However...SO many of my readers do not follow a lot of blogs (but thanks for checking out mine, friends!)

I have had a handful of girls tell me they don't have the time or patience to sift through the dozens of pages on the sale site, only to find that half the items they like are sold out in their size or color. 

That's why I still wanted to take a minute today to round up all of the AMAZING items still available in the sale - in LOTS of sizes and colors - while Early Access is still going on! Tomorrow (Friday, July 21st) the sale opens to the public, which means by noon essentially every remaining adorable and affordable item is going to be totally. gone. 

There are so many great items left, and I'm still snagging a few for myself like these pants and this sweater because I know today is the last chance before the ultimate free-for-all!

Here are some of the amazing picks I'm still finding (and keep in mind, a lot of items have been re-stocked multiple times, and when the sale opens to the public they're going to add a few totally brand new items to the sale! So if it was sold out once when you looked, check again, and again!)

All you have to do is click on the image of the item you like to shop it directly!!

Instagram Outfit Roundup!

In case you don't follow me on Instagram yet (why not?!), I've been thinking that it would be a good idea to once in a while do a roundup of my latest outfits on Instagram to give everyone a chance to shop the looks and score on the best deals I've been finding lately!

All of the outfit details are right below each picture - I loved the idea of doing this because it's obviously way easier (in my opinion) to do online shopping from a computer vs. a phone, PLUS this way you don't need to be signed up for Like To Know It!

Side note, if you aren't already signed up for Like to Know It, you absolutely should be! It's an incredible app that lets you directly shop for pieces in your favorite bloggers' Instagrams. All you have to do is: download the app (it's free!), and you can either "like" or "screenshot" an image on Instagram, and all of the outfit details with links will appear in the app for immediate shopping!

The app is how I get all of my new ideas when I'm looking for a great top or dress, or a great affordable accessory!

Anyway...back to the Instagrams!

I absolutely love this olive green duster. It's so lightweight, and perfect for layering from day to night in the summer!

Nothing beats stripes and white jeans for a classic summer look.

This little blue top is so lightweight and breezy - and the eyelet details make it perfect for summer outings!

Essentials of the Week!

This week (and today) in particular is one of the most exciting I've had all year. Scratch that - it is definitely the most exciting, because today after two years of long distance, Dalton is finally moving to Chicago!!

Safe to say I'm a little bit giddy while writing this post, and this week has been equal parts extremely fast and horribly, terribly slow in anticipation of today. 

I feel like my head has been a little bit foggy all week, because the excitement has made things a little bit difficult for me to concentrate on anything else, but it's finally here! Talk about a great start to my weekend!

Here are my essentials from this week:

1. My Number one Nordstrom Sale Pick | I'm hesitant to even point this out, for fear that it will sell out before the sale opens to the public next week, but I am so in love with these booties! It seems like a lot of people with early access have already scooped it up - in case you want to see my other top picks for every category, I've rounded them all up right here

2. Can't Stop Listening | Selena Gomez's new single that she released yesterday. She is definitively my favorite celebrity, and the only one I think I would actually fangirl over if I met her in person. I can't wait to see what her new album will be - and in the meantime, I'll be over here playing this on repeat so many times Spotify will develop a feature like Netflix asking "If I'm Still There" (ha - I really hope they don't do that, though...)

3. Some Friendly Advice... | Coming from someone who does 98% of their shopping online, this was a good one. This was a GREAT one considering the Nordstrom Sale is this week and people are throwing down that credit card information like their lives depend on it. Worth a quick read!

4. 10 Life Improving Habits | I immediately loved this list after reading the very first item. The amount of times I tell myself to do something because I "should" instead of reminding myself why I want to, and why I will be glad I did it, is crazy! For example, the days you say "Well, I really should work out today". Give this a read - this wellness expert really knows what they're talking about, and this list is my goal for the next month now!

5. The Funniest Video I've Seen in A While | Ending on a happy and funny note - I watched this over and over again, and laughed harder every single time. This video went viral this week, and I am so glad that it did.