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How to Dress For Winter Sorority Recruitment!

One of the things that surprised me the most when I decided to attend Miami was that the sorority recruitment was in January, instead of the fall. Of course, this doesn't happen everywhere, but I realized it was a lot more common than I thought!

This became a lot trickier when I actually experienced winter recruitment and realized...outfits just got a whole lot more difficult to plan! It's not as simple to throw on a dress when you're trying to be seasonally appropriate. 

Every school has a slightly different set of rules when it comes to outfit guidelines, but they are more or less fairly similar. Check your campus Panhellenic website, and see if they might have a Pinterest board with suggestions like Miami does! I've rounded up some of my favorite outfits appropriate for the different dress codes of winter recruitment to make things a little bit easier!

(If you're still not sure if Greek Life is right for you, check out my post on helping you decide!)

Before I share these ideas though, I want to make sure to take a second and emphasize how important it is to be yourself. While the rounds tend to have guidelines, think of them more as a dress 'code' than being told to dress in a way you wouldn't normally! If you aren't yourself, the process will not work. Own your personal style and let it be reflected - sororities want girls who are beautifully and uniquely themselves!

Open House/Welcome Round
The First Round (often called Open House) almost always comes with a t-shirt that all girls are given. This round is fairly casual, and usually pretty brief! Simple, classic and natural looks are the way to go.

Pick out your favorite pair of boots, booties or even flats to pair with a great pair of well-fitting jeans and the shirt provided. The best way to stand out and personalize your look on this day would be to use some casual and classic jewelry or accessories. Remember, you're wearing a t-shirt - crazy intense makeup or super fancy jewelry will look a bit out of place here.

Shop some of my favorite options for shoes, jeans and jewelry for this round below!

First Round
This round can have different names (depending on the school - could be called first round, philanthropy round, sisterhood round, skit get the idea! Obviously follow the dress code provided to you for each day). For all intents and purposes, we will assume that this is the day you've been instructed to wear a casual, nice outfit. 

This round was my personal favorite! You aren't incredibly dressed up, and the outfits are still casual, but you're given a lot more room to let your personal style shine through. Options would typically include jeans, dressier tops, casual dresses or skirts. Shoes would still be boots, booties, or a simple and classic pair of heels or flats. 

The way to think of this round would be to imagine what you would wear to a nice dinner, on a date night, or to church!

I've included a few outfits for inspiration below, and you can shop my favorite pieces to string together some of these looks too.

Second Round
Things are starting to get a little bit more narrowed down, which might make you nervous - but it should be making you excited! You're given the opportunity to spend more time with the sororities you've connected with the best, and you get to meet girls on a more personal level. 

Again, this differs with every school, so be sure to check the Panhellenic Website for your campus to find the dress code guidelines. At Miami, we are told to dress "Business Casual" - this one really threw me off as a freshman. I had never worn business casual before, and I had no idea where to start. (To me, that sounded like it would be impossible to be dressy and not look frumpy or plain. Definitely not the case!)

Here, your best bet is to aim for a nicer dress or skirt/top combination, with a pair of simple and comfortable heels or flats. A cardigan, cute belt, and fancier jewelry are all good ways to personalize this look and make it feel a little more fashionable. Classic neutral tones, black dresses, or simple color combinations are a great idea!

I've included a few outfits for inspiration below, and you can shop my favorite pieces to string together some of these looks too.

Preference Round
You've made it to the big round! You've narrowed it down to around 3 sororities, and you're so close to finding your home and sisters for the next four years. 

This round is all about ritual, and meaningful connections and conversations. A lot of sororities tend to wear either all black, or all white dresses for this round. For this reason, I personally might try to find a dress that would stand out in a sea of those colors and avoid white or black, but this is by no means a rule. I actually wore a white/black/silver patterned dress for this round, so I blended in a little bit, but still stood out in my own way. 

I recommend that you wear either a classic and comfortable cocktail dress, or a nice skirt and blouse combination. Something you would wear to a nicer event, wedding, or formal dinner. You could try adding tights to the look, too! For shoes, stick to heels or flats. If you have a special piece of jewelry or nice earrings that you love, this would be a perfect time to put them on!

I've included a few outfits for inspiration below, and you can shop my favorite pieces to string together some of these looks too.

Hopefully this gave you enough variety and ideas to feel inspired and ready to rock every round of recruitment! Remember - it's so much more than the outfits, but you will feel like your very best self if you're wearing something you're comfortable and confident in. It's all about showing them who you are!

Good luck to everyone going through recruitment - I hope you all find your new homes on campus!

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