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Spring Style Essentials!

These little bursts of amazing spring weather lately have sure been nice...but man do I wish they could stick around for longer than a day at a time! My closet is in complete flux, and packing for these weekend trips has proven to be more difficult than ever. 

I've been waiting to flip my closet over completely from winter, but every time I think it's finally safe to pack away all of my winter sweaters we seem to be hit with a cold front. Maybe I'm accidentally jinxing us?! Yikes. 

In the meantime, I've been relying on a few key wardrobe essentials to get me through these 25-degree temperature range days, and they've truly become lifesavers!

Was totally caught off guard by a random cold front that moved in while having wine at the River Walk with friends last Friday - it went from 76 degrees to 45 in less than an hour! Thankfully I had my trench on hand just in case!

Having a few of those key "season transition" staples in your closet will not only help you get dressed with ease, but they're also just fantastic and timeless pieces that will last you a long time. 


I purchased my first trench coat last season, and I'm finally getting comfortable with a few different ways of styling it this spring (although I had a blast with it during the fall!) Now I'm thinking I'm ready for one in a differently style and color like this wrap trench, or this gorgeous striped one...because I've never met a stripe I didn't like!

Utility Jackets:

The one thing I've been seeing (and wearing) a lot lately is military + field jackets. The utility jacket has more than proven that it never goes out of style - plus a lot of them are waterproof and double as rain jackets for these crazy random rain storms! I love all of the different styles, but so far have limited myself to my favorite fleet jacket,  and the field jacket in navy. I fell in love with those gold buttons!

Oversized Cardigans:

I personally favor oversized cardigans year-round, and there really isn't a season where I'm not wearing them from time to time. Even in the summer, I have a tendency to stash them in my purse in case a restaurant or movie is chilly, or if a stronger breeze picks up along the lakeshore. I never regret having one on hand, just in case.

Light scarves are another great item to add and remove as the layers are demanded, plus I think they give a really great element to super simple outfits this time of year. I'm a big fan of monochromatic outfits (if the picture above didn't give that away) so adding a little pop of color with a scarf is the perfect solution. They're also great paired with a trenchcoat! I love this striped thin cape scarf because it's thin enough for the warmer seasons but large enough to wear multiple ways.


Wearing shoes in spring is definitely one of my bigger struggle areas, mainly because my shoe collection is still a major work in progress! (I feel like I might be one of the only girls to say that, but I seriously just didn't get into buying shoes until about a year ago!) Since then, I've been really stocking up on awesome flats and espadrilles like these and this adorable patterned pair, but I can't stop reaching for my go-to booties. I'm thinking of investing in a great simple pair of rain booties like these for all of the spring showers!

Tops & Blouses:

The other area of my closet that needs major work for Spring? Tops and blouses. I am currently on a major mission for lighter, more flowy tops (that are still flattering) to pair with everything and keep things simple. I'm pretty much in love with all of the ones I linked above - but it's no secret that my favorite of the season has been this one right here.

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